Asym handplane

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An extension of your body designed to raise the bar on your abilities. Expect faster paddling, increased hold, and more float. Made with a petrochemical free plastic. 


  • This hand board floats

  • Will flex in unison with the wave
  • 3D printed with plant based PLA
  • Can be used forwards or backwards 
  • Ride it left or right
  • Ding resistant 
  • Made and designed in Costa Mesa ca

Care instructions:

  • Keep out of prolonged sunlight. All plastics will fade and weaken if left in UV. 
  • Feel free to keep in your car for convenience. Remove on hot days where the temperature inside the car can reach over 150F. 
  • Wash with fresh water after every session. 

A message from the creator

I made this design to have fun while riding waves in my hometown of Newport. I needed something that would work at multiple breaks from el Moro to river jetties. I realized having a plane that you can use forwards or backwards was a huge luxury. I hope you enjoy this board as much as myself and many others have.


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